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Others don't need an app or a tapvi to receive your info

The new generation of your personal & business card with just a single tap.


At tapvi helps you share your contact information, social media, business information and every other content you need to share with others with just a single tap! the greatest thing about this, is that others don’t need the app to receive your information. it is a fact that 70% of people lose your business card within 7 days!. Get your tapvi now and have your contacts saved and updated with their new details!.

Get your tapvi now and share your details with just a single tap!

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You only get one first impression.

Features of tapvi

No app or tapvi required

By using tapvi, your friend's/Family do not need to have a tapvi or an app to view what you wish to share


You only need to connect your social media "username" without any passwords and your contact card details if you wish to.

tapvi Wallet

You can add your QR code as your tapvi to support older phones by scanning using the camera.

Share a Link

You can share your contact details as a contact card, email and website URL link.


Your in control to change what you share instantly by using the tapvi app

Unlimited & Resistant tapvi

Your tag has unlimited tap's and is waterproof also protected with a 3M sticker.

Download tapvi App

Download our tapvi app and follow the simple steps to get started, customize your profile and to activate your tapvi with just a few clicks!

At tapvi we aim to increase your brand awareness, by using innovative technology to share contact information instantly. with one touch your device can receive and share social media platforms! never lose a connection anymore!

For personalized tapvi, please send an email to:

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